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Cyber Threat Risk Assessment for Products and Consumers

Posted by Mary McAtee on Mar 17, 2015 @ 03:00 PM

Understanding your Role and Responsibility for Risk Assessment and Controls

In almost everything in Quality there are multiple facets of responsibility. The same applies when we talk about cyber security and threat assessment. The last time I spoke about this topic I addressed our responsibility for protecting our own organization’s intellectual property and security. This time I am concerned with how we protect those who depend on the products and services we provide. Market demands for increasingly intelligent products coupled with rapidly evolving software and wireless technology provides the means for companies to deliver exactly what the market demands. What is equally clear is that the ability of companies to assess the risk for the user and their privacy is not coming close to keeping pace with these advances. Just because the capability for smart devices is more readily available is no guarantee that prudent product management decisions are being made. The media is filled with stories about misuse of everything from baby monitors to auto-assist parking in late model vehicles.

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A Quality Management System for Those Who Served

Posted by Mary McAtee on Nov 11, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Duty, Honor, Country

Veteran’s Day is this week. I always find myself thinking about family, friends and colleagues that have or are currently serving in our military. I think about my father John, a Merchant Marine in WWII and a Sargent in the Army during the Korean War. I think about my Father-in-law, Stanley who was a decorated B17 Navigator. His plane was called the Vargas Virgin and the photo of the smiling crew kneeling under the racy nose art and mission markings is a view back to another era. They were emblematic of the young citizen soldiers that have routinely gone above and beyond what anyone has a right to expect in defense of our freedom.

Yesterday, I watched an interview with John McDonald, the recently appointed Veteran Affairs Secretary.  He is a West Point graduate and was serving as CEO of Proctor & Gamble at the time of his appointment. The mindset and perspective he displayed during the interview really grabbed my attention. Perhaps the most thought provoking point in the interview was his very intentional decision to change Veterans Affairs nomenclature to begin referring to veterans as “customers”. This fundamental altering of the relationship between the veteran, the service providers and the actual way in which the Government and public view each other, realigns the balance and respect inherent in the exchange. I think this is a sensibility that McDonald brings to the office from his CEO leadership style at P&G.  

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Quality Compliance - Calibration Pet Peeves

Posted by Mary McAtee on Jun 25, 2014 @ 01:00 PM

Calibration and Metrology: Old School Ain’t All Bad

I started out my day with a quick chat with a colleague concerning a client project she is working on. It concerns calibration and I could hear the tone of a righteous lecturer creeping into my voice. After a very long career in Quality, I realized there are certain subjects that really get my blood pressure up and yank my chain. I began thinking about all the different Quality Compliance issues that have me talking to myself.

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