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The Case for Quality Management Software

Posted by Ashley Osgood on Apr 10, 2012 @ 09:59 AM

Today’s quality managers face a myriad of challenges, from monitoring quality of goods to organizing documentation to managing compliance with multiple regulations. Many quality departments address each of their functions with a separate set of practices, leading to duplicated efforts and disorganized documentation. This is compounded by a limited, fragmented use of technology to automate processes. If any of the following scenarios apply to your organizations' day-to-day activities, quality management software may be a prudent and profitable option to consider.

quality management software#1 Before IBS Quality Management Software: When companies used a combination of paper-based and electronic document management methods for their quality processes and product information, it resulted in lost data, duplicated efforts, and disrupted workflows. They spent valuable man-hours searching for documentation in order to follow processes. It was challenging to retrieve documentation when attempting to resolve product and process issues. External and internal auditors waded through piles of paperwork in order to determine whether they were compliant.

After IBS Quality Management Software: All documentation is stored in secure, password-protected files in the IBS quality management software. With easy search and retrieval, a few clicks are all it takes for users to access the documents they want. Auditors appreciate electronic, accessible documentation.  Good document control relies upon the platform's intrinsic process management software features to provide the security and workflow efficiencies.

#2 Before IBS Quality Management Software: In the weeks before external audits, quality managers scrambled to ensure their practices and documentation were compliant with standards. They spent countless man-hours updating and retrieving documents that proved they were following their procedures.

After IBS Quality Management Software: The compliance management software system has capabilities that encourage regular assessments, so that users analyze their processes and launch corrective and preventative actions. This ensures year-round compliance.

#3 Before IBS Quality Management Software: Companies had procedures for recording and troubleshooting customer complaints, but failed to document trends and discover underlying issues. The situation was further complicated by the fact that various company locations had disparate complaint-handling processes, and made no effort to pool their data.

After IBS Quality Management Software: Employees can enter complaints into the quality management systems and tie them to specific data, such as part numbers and suppliers. The system can track and trend data across multiple locations, so that users can spot significant, across-the-board issues. From complaints they can launch corrective actions, preventative actions, supplier corrective actions, or nonconformance reports.

#4 Before IBS Quality Management Software: Ad hoc training processes meant employees did not get the knowledge necessary to perform their job functions. This led to performance problems everywhere from the shop floor to the accounting department, damaging the company’s productivity, quality standards, and reputation.

After IBS Quality Management Software: Managers can define the necessary qualifications for each position, and schedule mandatory training sessions. Employees get the training they need, and can make fully formed decisions on the job.

Is quality management software a good option for you? Contact IBS America, Inc. to find out more and to discuss your current needs for quality control software.

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