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The Case for Statistical Process Control Software (SPC)

Posted by IBS America on Feb 06, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

Manufacturers improve shop floor quality control by consistently monitoring their production processes and eliminating factors that can damage product quality. But identifying and documenting defects can be a challenging, time-consuming process. Quality managers often feel caught between a desire to take proactive measures against factors impacting production, and budgetary and time constraints that prevent them from performing statistical process control. Quality assurance software from IBS is the solution.

If any of the following scenarios applies to your Statistical Process Control softwareorganizations' day-to-day activities, process management software may be a prudent and profitable option to consider.

#1 Before IBS Statistical Process Control Software: In large corporations, various plants had their own methods for performing statistical process control. As a result, it was difficult to coordinate and measure data. Quality professionals often failed to recognize defects because of inconsistent methods.

After IBS Statistical Process Control Software: Representatives from multiple locations can log into the quality assurance software system to review inspection results and analyze data. Quality managers can recognize when problems stem from other company locations and correct issues that exist across the enterprise.

#2 Before IBS Statistical Process Control Software: Using manual SPC methods made it challenging to transform data into actionable information. Ad hoc analysis methods were rarely effective, and companies failed to identify product problems, pinpoint root cause, and move to correct systemic issues.

After IBS Statistical Process Control Software: The system’s intuitive, user-friendly options for analysis make it simple to track data, identify problems, and propose long-term solutions. Various methods of data capture make it easy to present key metrics to management.

Our Statistical Process Control solution is an integrated part of our enterprise quality control software, QSYS Professional.

 Is process management software a good option for you? Contact IBS America, Inc. to find out more and to discuss your current quality control system that is in place.

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quality control softwareQSYS Professional IG/OG Software Data Sheet

Optimize your production process with real-time defect identification and documentation for production runs of any size. The system simplifies data collection from a number of sources. The SPC module uses quality control charts to identify whether factors impacting production are systemic or coincidental, enhancing your ability to respond rapidly and appropriately.

Download the Incoming Goods and Outgoing Goods Control Software Data Sheet

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