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Customer: Top 5 Benefits of Document Management Solution

Posted by Ashley Osgood on Nov 03, 2011 @ 09:05 AM

IBS America, Inc. queried some of our customers that have been using the CompliantPro  document control software to gain insight on our products and services. This month, customers were asked to respond with their top 5 features of the CompliantPro product. We've highlighted one of our customers' responses here.

Q: What would you say are the top 5 software features of the CompliantPro document management software for your company?

#1 ORGANIZATION. The “elegance” that the organization of our quality system documentation portrays (via CompliantPro) to customers during visits and audits always makes a tremendous impression with customers. One major customer told us our system was "the best they have ever seen."

#2 AUDIT MANAGEMENT. This same elegance and organization of CompliantPro makes audits with our registrar amazingly smooth.document management systems

#3 AUTOMATED PROCESSES. The process management software's ability to creatively configure online documents and workflow allows us to automate processes and approvals and have visibility of everything pending at every level. All that used to be done by hand or email and was impossible to follow.

#4 MULTI LINGUAL SYSTEM. The ability to have a global, multi-language system, managed from a central location is critical for us. With very little training, everyone from the President to the shop floor operator has immediate access to exactly what they need thanks to CompliantPro.

#5 COMPLIANCE MADE EASY. CompliantPro compliance software makes every compliance requirement very clear, and puts it at everyone’s fingertips. Thus, it ultimately helps drive full compliance as the management expectation and the only acceptable outcome. - IBS Customer, 2011

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electronic document managementCompliantPro Document Management Software Data Sheet

CompliantPro Document Control Module is a web-based, platform independent system that allows you to create, edit, route and manage all your documents over the web. Download this IBS America, Inc. product data sheet to see the complete benefits and features of the CompliantPro document management software system.

Download CompliantPro Document Control Software Data Sheet

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