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IBS Whitepaper: You're In Charge of Quality - Now What?

Posted by Ashley Osgood on Aug 22, 2011 @ 09:09 AM

Being placed in charge of quality at a new company, or just starting out in the quality field can be daunting. Understanding quality of what the company produces and how it'd produced is now up to you, which can also be overwhelming: so, where do you start?

In the newest whitepaper now available from IBS America, Inc., you'll find that when it comes to managing your new company's quality management systems, there are textbook tasks that are supposed to be done in addition to tasks that should be done to help you gain as much insight into the company as possible. The following are some suggestions in how to move forward on your new endeavor.

Here are just a few strategies covered in this whitepaper:

1) Know where the company is in terms of QMS. quality management systemRead and understand all system, policy, and procedure manuals of the company. Also be sure to review key critical success indicators from your company's customers, as QMS should be driving customer satisfaction.

2) See the company’s available historical data. Dig up old audit reports of previous audits done, and check the corrective actions and preventive actions of the company's departments and divisions.

3) Conduct your own audit or gap analysis. After seeing what has been done in the past, work backwards by conducting your own gap analysis, audits and other business analytics to understand gaps in the system that will contribute to improving customer satisfaction. Your own gap analysis or audit will also help you to understand the implementation level and then plan how to take it further.

corrective actions and preventive actions4) Go to the GEMBA: talk to the people. If you want to find out what is really going on, talk to people: ask questions and learn about the processes that they are asking you to monitor. Your most powerful tool is the question and getting other people to tell you what they are doing - nobody knows the process better than the people doing it.

5) Be a leader of change: take advantage of leadership resources. Most quality mangers have the responsibility but not the authority to drive change: they have to do it by influence. While understanding processes is important, being a great leader is what will make or break your success in your career. Read leadership books, blogs, newsletters, or even hire a professional transition coach to improve your leadership and soft skills.

6) Set about making quality a philosophy within the organization and not an objective. Lastly, having reviewed the QMS and listened to the people, lead a project team to rewrite the QMS where necessary and remove ambiguous targets. Reduce paperwork as much as possible using a document management solution, and make measuring the performance of individuals more interesting and beneficial for both the people, and the manager who is managing them.

-Post and Whitepaper Written By: Ashley Osgood, IBS America.


You are in charge of quality

 "You're In Charge of Quality...Now What?"

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