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Posted by Mary McAtee on May 06, 2015 @ 09:04 AM

Unrecoverable Errors in more than Baseball

Spring is my favorite time of the year. It is so green and full of promise and new beginnings. The big issue for me is how easily distracted I am during those first few warm days. I fall into a sort of stream of consciousness thought drift. The crack of the bat from baseball practice in the park across the canal is one of my favorite sounds. I then start thinking about a whole string of baseball related thoughts. Just when and how quickly my Mets will self-destruct? What is used to give the infield that beautiful red clay contrast against the perfect green of the outfield grass? It turns out to be something called “Soil Master Red Clay”. It was specially developed to drain and not form mud or produce excessive airborne dust. This leads to thoughts of great base runners which leads me to thoughts of Pete Rose. This, of course leads to musings about the warm welcome A-Rod received after sitting out a piddly year for alleged steroid use while Pete remains banned for life for betting on his own team. This of course, is a natural Segway to thoughts about Ted Williams and the image of Teddy Ballgame shooting annoying seagulls off of the light stanchions in Fenway Park after he was robbed of a homerun by a gull colliding with his perfectly hit ball. I can just imagine how that would play in the media today. This completes the circle back to thoughts of how much company behaviors are driven by public perceptions of their brand.

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