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Training and Qualification: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Posted by Mary McAtee on Feb 19, 2015 @ 04:38 PM

One of those pronouncements that I have no idea of factual basis or origin concerns developing proficiency. “They” say it takes repeating a task a thousand times before you become an expert. I guess I can understand why they might take this position. Clearly repetition fixes memory. I am trying to think of things I have repeated that many times and it is a short list.

I recently heard a master sushi chef interviewed about his apprenticeship program in Japan. An aspiring chef must study with him for ten years at minimum. They must not marry, they must live at the school and they work for free during their apprenticeship. The jaded New Yorker in me thinks that this master chef has developed a great source of cheap and extremely dedicated labor.  Others will look at this model and point to it with Zen-like certainty that this is how excellence must be cultivated. In practical business terms, training is undeniably invaluable on many levels. It assures competency and consistency that is important for quality and bench marking best practice. In addition to the positive impact on quality it is also fertile ground for identifying opportunities for improvements. It can even serve as the incubator for new ideas and technological advances.

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